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Activities not currently available are:

Animal petting, Animal Chat Room, Indoor Play Barn, Donkey rides, Owl holding and rides on Ernie the Milk Float.

Our usual daily schedule of animal activities is also temporarily suspended. 

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You’ll find over 20 types of animals here at Manor Farm Park & Woodlands. Originally established in 1978 as an animal sanctuary, many of our animals were re-homed here at Manor Farm.

Each day is different and some attractions are seasonal - check our activity schedule or give us a call to be sure what will be on offer when you’re visiting.

Our fabulous farm staff are all animal lovers and animal welfare is paramount. It’s for that reason we don’t allow visitors to hold of any our animals, but we do encourage gentle stroking and feeding under supervision.

You can start the day by feeding breakfast to our smaller animals in the Animal Chat Room. Here you’ll find rabbits, guinea pigs, lizards, snakes and parrots. You’ll also meet Hettie the pygmy hedgehog, Tilley the tortoise and Norman the Giant African Land Snail.

Head out to our Duck Garden, where you can help our farm staff feed the ducks, geese and chickens a tasty treat. Pop into the Donkey Paddock for a donkey ride, then walk down to Hoots Hollows, where you’ll encounter over 30 owls from around the world. Spend time exploring the animal paddocks around the farm and say hello to Rudi, one of our deer. Find the llamas, alpacas, ponies and highland cattle, and look out for the wallabies, turkeys, rhea and peafowl. All our pathways are suitable for pushchair access and mostly wheelchair friendly - our friendly staff can provide assistance if required.

As the day nears an end, join the pigs out in the field for their dinner time. Then it’ll be time for Animal Bedtime, when children can feed carrot sticks to our sheep and goats before they snuggle down for the night with the donkeys in the Main Animal Barn.

Please note, in addition to the entrance fee, an extra charge and weight limit apply for donkey rides (£1.50 and six stone/ 38kg weight limit), owl holding is £1 per person and rides on Ernie the Milkfloat cost 50p per adult, accompanying children are free.

Some attractions are weather-dependent and scheduled activities vary day by day – check our activity schedule or phone ahead to be sure what will be on offer when you’re visiting.

Today's Activities

Activities temporarily suspended for social distancing purposes.